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Welcome to Crossroads Recovery Coaching

 To clarify the difference between Peer Recovery Support Specialist, Addiction Counselor and Professional Recovery Coach click the button.


Announcements and News

Our Recovery Coaching training program is now approved by the International Coach Federation for 100 hours of coach specific training.

Recovery Life Coaching Training Learn. Coach. Earn

The only program brought to you by Alida Schuyler, the person who invented professional Recovery Coaching. A program that allows you to be credentialed by the International Coaching Federation.
Crossroads Recovery Coaching provides in depth life coach training so that our graduate can excel as life coaches with expertise in addiction recovery. Crossroads Recovery Coaching trains coaches to be able to effectively partner with people who are facing addiction and together create and maintain a life path in recovery, that includes joy, health and stability.


Fall 2019 Recovery Coaching Certification Training currently accepting enrollments. Class start date will be determined when class is full.

Crossroads Coaching proudly presents

What: Module One of a six-module 100-hour curriculum that includes 60+ hours in ICF core competencies

Where: Live Conference Call

When: TBA when class is full

Tuition: Total tuition for six module training - $4,600.00, plus $100, a one-time registration fee. Payment plans are available. 

More Information: We are now enrolling students for the Fall 2019 training. Our classes are small and often fill fast. Enrollment requires a personal interview to see if the program is a good fit for you. If it is, and you want to commit to the training, we require non-refundable registration fee of $100 USD with completed registration form which includes a financial agreement. Class size is extremely limited so email Tina today to arrange an interview. 


Our Faculty:

Alida Schuyler MS, PCC, MRLC, Mentor Coach, & Owner Crossroads Recovery Coaching Inc.

Mark Scannell, PhD, ACC

Lianne MacGregor, MA, MEd, ACC


To learn more more about our training, please click on Recovery Coach Training FAQs


"Alida, I am a little bit behind with my assignments due to the flu, but I wanted to tell you that I noticed a huge shift in my coaching today. I noticed that I was coaching with detachment from outcomes and with increased curiosity about what is really going on for the client. I was using more intuitive reflection, summaries, and asking better questions. I probed for articulation when asking them to describe their recovery commitment - not accepting general or vague answers. This surprised me and I feel engaged with coaching in a new way, and am excited to continue.

  In the last module (Mod 4) I was given the gift of greater freedom “from the obsession of self”’ and healing from old patterns. It was a timely precursor to your return from India, and the way you described in class specifically how to be an effective coach. You are not only a master coach, Alida, but also a wonderful teacher. It is our blessing that your have renewed your commitment to ‘train the next generation of addiction professionals’. Thank you for your gift." Angela von Werder, Bowen Island, BC Canada

"Time and money were two big concerns for me when I was thinking about taking the training. I am glad I did because I love this training! Crossroads has provided me with a comprehensive introduction to current thinking in the recovery and addictions field as well as hands-on practice in life coaching. I like the teacher’s willingness to meet all of us students exactly “where we are” and the openness to teaching about all paths of recovery. It is a great value for the money." Dawn Nickel, Victoria BC Canada